Introducing Ultimate’s New Hybrid Feature

Video Script

Hello, this video is to demonstrate Ultimate’s new feature and its brand new hybrid system.

Like the other Spin4Profit software, every time you open up Ultimate, the casino game manager will pop up, where you will be able to load a casino first. The same as you click on this “casino” button. If you didn’t see many casinos listed, you can search for more either by language or by game type. For example, if I choose English, and then click “search”, all the games in English will be listed. You will find some of them are under construction, it’ll show “coming up”, some of them are ready to load; some of them are not activated yet, it’ll show “activate now” link. And if it’s a long list, you can filter it by selecting “live casino only” or “US player accepted only”. And I just want it to show my activated casinos here. once selected, click “load” button to continue.

Then I start up Casino LasVegas game. When I click on the full automation play button, a betting option window pops up. This is our new feature. It’s great to remind you of the current betting setting, and it’s super easy to modify your settings everytime you start a new sesssion. I input my starting bankroll $1588, then select the correct table limit, which is $1 to $25. Selecting my betting unit which is $1. For the demo purpose, I uncheck the profit target and winning notification. I keep wagering warning and bankroll warning on, because I just don’t want to risk all my money. For real money playings, I suggest you also checkmark the first profit target notification. And you can leave the betting mode as it is, or you can test other 8 different combinations. You can play with no feeding limit which will continue suggesting new bets and covers previous bets. Otherwise you should tell Ultimate maximum betting units on the table by seleting this “Fixed Amount” option.

Next, is our brand new feature as well. All the previous Ultimate versions were based on flat betting system only. Now we optimized it and make it a hybrid system. It’s more like a combination of flat betting and progressive betting. What you need to do is to enable this hybrid option, and tell it what the maximum wagering unit on straightup bets will be after all flat betting steps. And I choose 25 units for this demo. And you can choose one of the automatic betting speed here. We even put in the random speed option to stimulate the naturual human betting.

Here we go!

With new hybrid system option, you will find Ultimate is even more powerful in covering the long steps and achieving big profits!

This is a real time recording… As you can see, Ultiamte has the ability to keep your profit at high level, and at the same time continue suggesting new winning bets.

Wow! I win $297 in non stop session, which took about 13 minutes. Remember I choose $1 bet and win $297 in 13 minutes, pretty exciting!

You can download Ultimate now to try this new feature for free. Hope you enjoy this video and I see you next time.

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