How To Run Multiple Roulette Systems Simultaneously

Video Script

I am very exciting that we just add a great new feature in Spin4Profit Ninja. Now you can load more than one system and automate them at the same time.

In previous version, you can only load one system to place bets, say.. on dozen, but now, you can win more by another system to cover corner bets at the same time when you still winning on dozen.

Ok, I will show you how to do that and you will understand.

I don’t want to use too much time to explain how to create system in this demo, if you haven’t see my video about how to create system in ninja step by step, check them on our webstie –

Open system manager in Ninja, first I will create a very simple system. I won’t make it too complicate. Just to place bet on black/red when any color (black / red) has not been hit by 3 spins, and I will use martingle system to cover 6 steps.

Great, simply test it. It worked as expected.

Now I am going to create another system to bet on columns when any column not been hit by 5 spins. Also use martingale system. Load it and tested, working.

Good, now comes the exciting part, do you want to see I am run these two systems together at the same time? Here we go. Check these two systems and click load.

Two systems are loaded into Ninja, click full to start automatic betting. You see, Ninja is running these two systems at the same time.

What is the benefit of this feature? There is weakness and strength in any system even it is very good one, but with multiple systems running together, they can backed by each other to cover the weakness and to optimize winnings.

So, if you have multiple brains, you certainly can do it manually. Or, you can sit back and watch Spin4profit Ninja do it for you.

Now you already see what Ninja is capable of. Now It’s time for your imagination coming to play.

Please note, the systems I created in this video are only for demo purpose. And you can definately do better than that.

If you like this video, please feel free to comment and share. thank you and see you next time.

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