How To Create Roulette System Step By Step

After taking some suggestions from our fans, we optimize Ninja’s roulette system creation functions.

Now Ninja is more flexible and easy to use to create even more types of system, no matter it’s Martingale system, progression system or flat betting system; no matter there is one condition or multiple conditions to define before it starts betting.

You can even create a hybrid system with Ninja. Hybrid system is one of our newly created system type which combines flat betting with progressive betting. We implement that hybrid system into our Ultimate.

Our next goal for Ninja is to allow multiple system to run at the same time thread. Stay tuned.

Video Script

Hi, this video will show you how to create roulette system in our latest version of Spin4profit Ninja.

Now Ninja system creator can do even more for you. Just imagine any system you have, and then let Ninja to automate it for you! Isn’t that exciting! Ok, let’s start.

Click “system” button to open system manager. if this is the first time you open system manager, you won’t see any system available yet, just click “create new” button to create a new one.

First step is to name your system. I suggest you put some name you can easily recognize the detail of your system later on. In this demo video I just name it “My First System”. Alright, next we need to choose what roulette game type the system will apply to.

Remember, Not every system apply to all roulette games. However You can choose more than one type if you want to. For example, If your system involve 36 numbers, it’s defenitly not for Mini Roulette. If your system does not include any zero, it can apply to both European and American roulette, or even non zero roulette.

Click “Next Step” to save the system and goto step two. This is the main part of Ninja system creator. If this is your first time to create some system, you can choose to copy from some sample systems that we had pre loaded in Ninja.

Now, I am gonna show you how to create a new system step by step.

Let’s define our first action, you can choose the first action as a scenario, which means the software will spin and wait until certain condition you defined being met, or you can choose betting action direcly to let the Ninja place bets without having to look at any circumstances or conditions.

Now we select “Scenario”, and here we have 3 scenarios to choose from. “Cool Numbers” means one number or a set of numbers have not been hit within certain spins. It is very commonly used to predict which number will come next. “Hot Numbers” indicates that those numebrs have been hit by many times within a range of spins. Some players may prefer to catch hot numbers rather than cool numbers. “Patterns” means a certain pattern of numbers you want to catch when they appear.

In this demo video, I select “Cool Numebrs”. Now we have to define what betting type or numbers we want to catch up for. You can choose from all kinds of betting type here, and I choose “Black/Red” as the type, and black number as my target. You have three ways to monitor it including fixed, random between two numbers or smart follow mode. I will talk about smart follow mode in details in another video. Here we select “Fixed” and I put “2” in the box. This means I want to trigger next action when black numbers have not been hit for 2 continuous spins.

Now we can move on to Action 2, this time I select betting as the action. So Ninja will place bets accordingly. So I want to place bet on “Black” and using fixed wagering settings. You can put any number here (and even put in number 0) those numbers indicate the number of bets Ninja will automatically place on each qualified cool number. Remember, Never put in the exact amount of money you want to bet, only the numbers of bets are defined here. Use comma to seperate those wagering in steps. Select how you want to continue bet your wagering, on lose or on win. In this demo I choose to continue when previous bet missed.

Then there are two options you can ask what Ninja to do after betting actions complete. If your system won’t have next action, you can leave it as “Continue to next action” or select it to “Go back to action 1”, it will do the same. Ok, let’s save it and go to next step. The system type is for your own information, it won’t really change anything we just did in the previous steps. Choose the one that match your system the most and Check enable so you can load the system in Ninja afterwards.

Back to system manager, you will see the system we just created.

Now it is time to test it.

First start the casino game you want to play with, and then select the corresponding one from casino list, mind the game type and language. After loading it, we need to load a system. Click “system” to open system manager. Select the system we just created and click “Load” button to continue. Click “Full” to start full automatic betting, then betting option window will pop up, type in your start bankroll and select matched tablelimit and chip unit you want bet. Click ok, Ninja is running our new system now. Pretty cool, yeah!

Remember, in our system, we choose black numbers as the cool numbers when not being hit for 2 continue spins, let’s wait and see.

ok, black number not appear for two spins, look! ninja start to place bet according to our settings in action 2. And continue bet 1 unit when missed last one.

Ok. now i am going to change our system a little bit. Click “system” to open “system manager”. Highlight the system, and click “edit” button. Now I’d like to add another action to bet on “red numbers” if all the previous steps missed.

Here is what to do. Click “Add Action”, choose betting target to “Red”, and put 2 steps on win. That means if we win on first step, it will continue bet 1 unit on red, otherwise it will stop betting. And go back to action 1 after action 2 complete.

let’s test it. As you can see, Ninja start to bet on red when the spin results didn’t match senario in action one. Perfect!

Now, I will make this system more complicated. Edit the system again, change Action 2 to “Hot Numbers” scenario and select betting type to “First Column”, what we are going to let Ninja hold until first column has been hit 3 times continuously and then start to place bet on first column. Save the change and test it.

As you can see, after all black number steps over, Ninja start to wait for 3 continue hit in first column, and then it captured and start to bet on column one.

Now One thing to be clarified here, the system we demostrated in this video is only to show you how to create system in Spin4Profit Ninja step by step. The system itself may not be a great one.

You just saw over my shoulder how I create new system from scrach in Ninja. That is just a tip of the ice berg of all that Ninja can do for you! Why not download Ninja today to play around the system by youself. Hope you enjoy this video. If you like this video, please comment and share it.

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