How to Control Your Roulette System In Betting Actions

Video Script

This video is taking about the options we just added in Ninja to determine what you want Ninja to do after betting.

In previous version, we only have two options after all bets completed. Now it’s been fine tuned.

Now I will show you these options propecia pills. First we create a system, it could be any system, there is scenario action to determine what numbers you want to bet. Here I will add a “hot numbers” scenario, for numbers sppear more than 3 times within 35 spins.

Ok, actually this is also a new feature in lastest version. Before only fixed number is allowed here, in my example, it means you can get hot numbers when it appears exactly 3 times, no more, no less.

By simply adding a “-” (dash) after the number, it will get all possible hot numbers which appear 3 AND more than 3 times. And if you put a “-” (dash) then a number after, for example, if I put “-5” which means that you will get hot numbers that appear from 3 to 5 times in 35 spins.

For every scenario, it will automatically trigger the next action once it finds any numbers that meets the certain scenario.

We add a betting action to bet the hot numbers we’ve catched. Ok, here comes the options. There is a defalt option after all bets in this action completed, you can choose to jump back to action 1 or any action you want, or stop current system, or stop all systems if you are to load multiple systems.

Actually, there could be many situations happening before all bets complete. For example:

The “first winning bet” option will be triggered on the first winning bet in current action;

The “first losing bet” will allow you to stop and do something on first losing bet;

“Have profit” means, current action will be stopped only when we make profits. Because there will be several winning bets and losing bets during the whole betting action, but only when the winning bets exceed losing bets to make profit, will this option be triggered.

Also you can choose “Total Lost Units >= …” to prevent losing units great than the amount you put here.

You can add multiple options here, if any condition being met, current action will be stopped and then follow the action you predifined in this option.

Ok, now we put three options, when we have first winning bet, we go back to action 1 and recatch new hot numbers, or when losing total greater than 10 units, we stopped the system. Make sense, right?

Let’s try it. Good! Now you have more options to control your systems, have fun and make profits.

Please comment and share if you like this video. Hope you enjoy this video and I see you next time.

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