How To Configure Deluxe Properly

Spin4Profit Deluxe is based on the progression betting system. What differentiate Deluxe from many other progressive betting system is that Deluxe can automatically adjust the hitting range during any playing session.

That’s why Deluxe got a much higher chance of suggesting the next winning bets. If you want to leverage it to win you a big stack of money, you could use the “Deluxe” setting. Of if you like to play safe, you could use the “Smart” setting.

The good news is that Deluxe and all other roulette betting software work perfectly under almost all types of online casinos, including those accept US players. LuckyRed Casino is one of the top 10 online casino options for US players.

Video Script

Since many of our new members ask about how to configure Deluxe to win online roulette, we decided to do this video demo.

This is Deluxe main window, everytime you startup Deluxe, the casino game manager window will pop up. This is to remind you to choose casino first. Anyway, you can click this casino button to open up casino game manager.

In this demo video, I choose CherryRed. You see the status of this CherryRed casino’s European roulette game is “Ready” for loading. Because it has been activated before. otherwise you will see “activate now” link instead of “ready” here. we now select it and click “load” button to continue. Oh, I just forgot to mention, you will need to download and startup CherryRed casino game first before we do the followings. Now as you can see, CherryRed casino is on.

But Before we start betting, let’s check some Options here.

Deluxe has two groups of settings, one is called smart, the other is Deluxe. Smart is default setting, under smart, you can see all the outside bets have been enabled, which means Deluxe will only suggest possible outside bets. Smart setting is good for beginners or who has lower risk tolerance.

To maximize our winnings, we can choose Deluxe settings, it will ask Deluxe to suggest only the inside bets. Of course more winning means more risks. No risk no gain. You can enable all the inside bets and we recommend only select two of them. In this demo I select split and straight up bets. And you can even customize your waggering setting for each betting type. If you want to reload the default setting, simply click this “load preset settings” button and choose one of the defaults.

Now we are good to go. You can play semi automation, which is a perfect option if you want to change the waggering often; if not, full automation will be just great to save time and make things easy. But it’ll tell you when you hit your target winning or warn you if it reaches certain wagering stack. CherryRed casino is US player supported. Of course it also accepts players from many other countries. Since we got a lot of US members, I think it maybe the best for this demo.

BTW, CherryRed has two kinds of roulette games, European roulette and American roulette. The difference? European roulette has one zero, and American roulette has one zero and one double zeros. And many people love to play European cause it has lower house edge. As you can see, Deluxe is placing one chip on red and one on Black, simply because CherryRed doesn’t allow empty spins. That way Deluxe can stimulate the empty spins before it can suggest next winning bets. This no win no lose process seems a little bit longer. No worry, just because we choose the straight up bets and split bets, it will take longer time until we get winning bets.

Now pay attention to this area. All right, Deluxe just suggest three bets here. And it will continue placing bets strictly according to your wagering settings. Let’s wait and see…

Yeah! We got it! We win $42 dollars, in err…less than four minutes, not bad!!

Hope you enjoy this video, see you in the next one!

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