Alexander from Slovakia
People, I tell you quite frankly, stop searching for "better software" on the web. You will not find nothing better. I have tried many software (free and paid), but none was as good as Spin4Profit!!! It's true, I am not lying!!! Group of Spin4Profit software is absolutely the best thing you can use for online casinos. All four Spin4Profit systems would also be unmatched and are very precise processing. In Ninja you can create your own system, that works best for you. Then you select the casino + your system and you can play without clicking on the roulette table. You just sit and watch how the program works for you. This is great, right? :) Peter, thank you for myself and for all members, that we can use such a fantastic software.And also thank you for an excellent and quick support.
SeethaRam Janapala from India
i'm a Sr Software Engineer working in Bangalore, India on Java/J2EE platform. whenever i use some software i find these kind of features that if added would help me. but till now i never discussed with any product support. I'm excited that i can also have little bit of my ideas in well known products :) ... I had a wrong assumption that customer support will not respond to our requests and it will take very long time for getting what we want. But, my bro (Harish) told that you are very friendly and respond to our requests within no time. he told that whatever he asked for he got all those features implemented. thats why i changed my mind and started this conversation, now i'm feeling so comfortable and can discuss whatever i think... have a nice time and keep improving your wonderful tool :)
Thank you for the support and your time. Im always support Spin 4 profit!!
Ram J. from India
I never thought that automating our Roulette system would be this much easy until i found this wonderful Roulette system creator software Spin4Profit Ninja. It made my job so easy. Thanks Peter for creating such a wonderful software and for providing prompt support.
Mr. Uddin from London
NINJA is the best system creator out of all software i used until now, and support are excellent, almost any system can be created, and if i am stuck, they add futures/or helped me out to finish. i recomend it to all.
Edgardo Gomez
I just want to tell you that i downloaded those last versions and it works perfectly.
Your software definatley is better than all of other ones iv'e used...
Josh Adams
This software is absolutely awesome! I am very impressed.
Agnes O.
First: I admire you! You are a fantastic man! Second: I d’ like to see what the Ninja does (statistics, patterns, suggestion etc.) Third: Really, it would be great to program any system. Best regards,
Uwe L. from Germany
that’s great, a software include any systems, For live casinos too! Maybe possible with all casino softwares and more than on table as same time? I hope, the dream of save way to make money commes true – i’m happy for your other (serous) systems. … (Sorry for my bad englsh, greetings from germany)
Miles T.
I think what you have created is awesome!