betvoyager-review-logoBetvoyager is unique in the world of online casinos. It is one of the very few online casinos in Europe and America to have a Fairness control on the most secure and modern SHA-256 software, which is used in all of the casino’s games (except for external BetSoft games).

The casino offers more than 170 games, half of which were developed in-house. All the games have two versions: regular (with House Edge) and equal odds (no House Edge). The system of payouts and game rules in all the equal odds games are designed in such a way that the chances of winning during the game become 50/50. If you are playing an equal odds game, a 10% house fee will be charged on the amount of final winnings.

In case of short games sessions, this is less favorable for the players, but in case of longer game sessions, we have a completely different picture.

E.g.: European roulette has a constant House Edge of 2.7%, but No Zero roulette (in case of a game session with ≥75 spins), taking into account the 10% house fee on the winnings, has a final edge of only 0.34% with a tendency to zero.

This is much more favorable for the players who prefer equal odds games of any type.

screenshot-www.betvoyagerNo Zero BetVoyager is BetVoyager’s Number 1 game, chosen by thousands of roulette lovers. It is practically impossible to find a No Zero roulette in any other online casino.

Let’s have a quick look at the mathematics behind roulette games. In European roulette (one zero) the casino has a house edge of 2.7%, in American roulette (double zero) it amounts to 5.4%. NO ZERO roulette eliminates the house edge completely, making it a 50/50 game, regardless of the session duration and betting system used. Thus, because No Zero roulette is a game without a house edge, a 10% fee is charged on the final amount of winnings made by the player (i.e. with an initial bankroll of €1000 and a final result of €2000, €100 will be charged).

So what is more profitable and favorable for the player?

In the case of a short game (<75 spins), a regular roulette seems more favorable as no house fee has to be paid on the winnings. However, it is always easier to guess a number from a smaller selection, thus the probability of losing in regular roulette games (compared to No Zero) is higher to begin with. A zero is also highly likely to occur even in short games. For players betting on equal odds or dozens this is disadvantageous as one or double zeros take the bets.

In the case of longer sessions (≥75 spins), taking into account the 10% house fee on the winnings, the final house edge in No Zero equals to 0.34% with a tendency to zero, compared to the constant 2.7% and 5.4% in European and American roulettes respectively.

As one player once said: “When you start any equal odds game you start a game not with the casino, but with yourself, as your own and casino’s chances are exactly equal. The results will depend purely on your skill, intuition, wisdom and absence of greed”.

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