How to Load and Play William Hill Casino Club

We use Spin4Profit Ninja and William Hill Casino Club European Roulette game as an example to demonstrate how to load casino game using any of Spin4Profit software.

Step 1

Double click Spin4Profit software icon on your computer. By default, it will add the software icon to your desktop when you install it.

Software login window will pop up. You need to fill out your account and hit “login” to continue.
step1 login

Step 2

If it is your first time to run the software after installing, Free Casino Activation window will pop up.
step2 first time login

Step 3

In this tutorial, we select William Hill Casino Club, and then hit “Choose” to continue.
step3 select one casino to start

Step 4

You will be directed to William Hill Casino Club website. Usually casino software download window will automatically pop up. If not, you will see the download page where two yellow buttons are displayed: Download and Instant Casino. Make sure you click on “Download” button to continue.
step5 download casino

Step 5

Please note that very few aggressive anti virus software or firewall may block any casino game software download. In that case, you need to ignore the warning and continue to download it.

After casino game software installation file is downloaded, double click it to start installing. Please make sure to select “English” as the game language to continue. (So far, Spin4Profit doesn’t support game language other than English)
step6 select language before download

Step 6

After game software installs, it will let you choose from “real money mode” and “practice mode” (also called fun mode).
step7 select play mode

Step 7

When you choose practice mode, this window will pop up. Click “Join Now” button to continue.
fun mode login

Alternatively, When you choose real money mode, this window will pop up. Click “Join Now” button to continue.
real money login

Step 8

Under practice mode, fill out the form and hit “create” button to continue.
register fun play mode

Under real money mode, follow three steps to “create” an account.

Step 9

Please note that you can only claim casino bonus under real money mode. So after login real money account, claim bonus message will pop up. You simply click “Claim Bonus” button and then follow the instructions to complete your deposit. Please be reminded to read their detail rules and instructions before claim casino bonus.
claim bonus 1

Step 10

After log in your William Hill Casino Club account, we need to run William Hill Casino Club’s European Roulette game.

Click “Card & Table” on left side menu under “Games”. (Note: Do NOT select roulette game displayed on the right or any other places.)
select casino 1

Select “European Roulette” in the middle, and then hit that green button to start the game.
william hill casino club European roulette

Step 11

Click “Casinos” button or “Choose a casino” link to open up Casino Game Manager window.
step4 next time login

Step 12

Select William Hill Casino Club in the Casino Game Manager window, then click “Load”.
load william hill casino

So far, you are successful in running the right casino game, as well as loading the right game in Spin4Profit software. Next time you use Spin4Profit software to play William Hill Casino Club, you can skip all the steps from 2 to 10.

Next, we are going to show you how to use Spin4Profit software to place bets, either automatically or manually. And you are welcome to check other tutorials related.

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  1. Additional tips for Step 10: if you already run the casino game, but our software keep saying that it couldn’t find that casino game window. You will know you didn’t run the right casino game most probably.