How to Load Other People’s Roulette System

The beauty of Spin4Profit Ninja is that you can use other people’s shared roulette system to play your favorite roulette game. This tutorial shows you how.

Step 1

Click “Systems” button or “Choose a system” link in Ninja software.
ninja choose a system 2

Step 2

System Manager window will pop up. It will list all systems created by yourself and all shared roulette systems created by many other Spin4Profit Ninja users.
ninja roulette system manager

Step 3

Select one shared system. You can click “Details” button to read that roulette system description written by its creator. Or click “free” or “xx credits” link. Either way it will lead you to the system detail page.
ninja system manager others

Step 4

That system creator can set certain amount of credits as its sell price. If you like to buy it, click “Redeem” button. Then that certain amount of credits will be credited from your account.
buy others roulette system

Step 5

After credit redemption completes, that button will become “Download” button.
after purchase others system

Step 6

After download completes, you will be directed to a page where listed all your own systems and the one you just bought. Now you need to click on “Activate” button to continue.
after download others system

Step 7

Now you will find that system you bought has been activated.
after activate others system

Step 8

Go back to Spin4Profit Ninja, click on “Systems” button again to open up System Manager window. Now you will find that activated roulette system marked as ready in status.

Select that system, and don’t forget to check mark on the beginning of that system. Then click “Load” button to load it to Ninja.
load others system

Congrats! Now you successfully loaded one shared roulette system to Spin4Profit Ninja.

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