Why I create Spin4Profit Ninja

“One Place To Get ALL The Most Working Roulette Systems Most of Which Are Secretly Kept By Their Creators. And Create Your Own Automated Betting System And Sell It For Fat Cash!”

It works on ALL Types of roulette wheels – European, American, French, No Zero, Mini… It even works on land based and LIVE casinos!

Hi Roulette Game Fans,

I am so excited about this new tool because it finally realizes my biggest dream of having an automated software to create any, I really mean ANY, roulette system!

I know there’re a lot of argues about what’s good about this system and what’s bad about that system. How about we collecting all of them and testing them in automatic betting.

I am sure that you will save huge amount of time by having the automation function, because that’s what I am doing all the time to test any system out there. Therefore you can test to see what’s good and bad about any system.

That’s how I created series of Spin4Profit automatic betting software, which of course still on the market. And I got lots of happy and royal customers.

Hi, Peter!
First: I admire you! You are a fantastic man! Second: I d’ like to see what the Ninja does (statistics, patterns, suggestion etc.) Third: Really, it would be great to program any system. Best regards,

– Agnes O.

Hello Peter,
that’s great, a software include any systems, For live casinos too! Maybe possible with all casino softwares and more than on table as same time?
I hope, the dream of save way to make money commes true – i’m happy for your other (serous) systems.

(Sorry for my bad englsh, greetings from germany)

– Uwe L.

I think what you have created is awesome!…

– Miles T.


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As I told you I got many happy customers since the day I released my first Spin4Profit software in early 2009. Many of them wrote me emails and asking about whether I could help to convert their system into automation.

Then I started thinking: those who are in the roulette game for a while must come up with their “own best” system. However few of them could make it on automation.

If I could create a tool to automate any system they have, and to list all those systems in one place, so that others would easily find them, test them, make comments on them to make it even better…

I knew it would be the most challenging project I’d ever done. And I did it!

After 6 months, Ninja was born. After about two months Beta testing together with many of my Spin4Profit fans, the first Ninja official version is here!

I am so pround of making my dream comes true. And I will thank everyone of you who’s been with Spin4Profit and believing in me for this long time.

What Spin4Profit Ninja Is…

As you can see Ninja is more than an automation tool. There are a lot more Ninja can do for you. And I will leave it for you to discover.

Ninja is big but not complicated. I am uploading many tutorial videos in the membership site. And I will show you step by step how to get most advantages of Ninja.

You will find the best working system for you in Ninja community to win money in any roulette game, including US players supported games.

If not, why not creating your own automatic roulette system!

>>> Download Ninja today to try it out for free! <<<

See you the other side,

Peter Wright

P.S. Once you register a free member account, you can download Ninja free trial version instantly.

P.P.S. At the same time, you will be leading to a page where you will discover all the Ninja feature details and tutorials.

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