Upcoming Features

After reviewing feedback from our members, we decide to work on those three most amazing features:

Spin4Profit Ninja – RNG testing tool

A lot of member requested this tool so they can use RNG (Random numbers generator) to test their system. We are glad to inform you that we are developing it now. What it does is that it gives you real random generated numbers from 0 to 36, including american table’s double 0. So you won’t have to test your system in real casinos. I think it is very important for Ninja system creators.

All Spin4Profit Software – Manually betting

As many long term members could remember, we had a software called Spin4Profit Elite for a few years back. Elite is actually a manual betting version of Spin4Profit Ultimate. Fact is lots of our members came to our website from first knowing Elite. Since we stop supporting Elite for quite a while, a lot of members were missing the features of Spin4Profit Elite that it may offered. So we decide to add the manually betting function into Spin4Profit Ultimate and not only that, we will migrate manually betting function into all of our Spin4Profit software. That means you can use all of Spin4Profit roulette betting software in almost any online casinos while using manually betting.

All Spin4Profit Software –¬†Betting Unit¬†Customizing

We know it was confusing when you choose different unit for different roulette table. Different country may have different table limit and betting unit even in the same casino. So put all the possible units combinations in one list is not practical, to request to add it also take some time. So we decide to open this part and let you do it. we preset some default setting, and then you can add your settings to match your casino, and it could be saved in your session, so you won’t have to input them again.

Please leave us comment below of what you think about those new features and functions. And what other feature you might suggest.


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  1. Some videos to accompany these updates would be greatly appreciated.

    • Glad you mentioned it, Robin. We will do that.

  2. I would use your software if only it worked at dublin bet. or live wheel at 888. thank you. did request this about a year ago but nothing haoppened.y

    • Good point Cliff. Our software should have supported Dublin Bet already. Did you try it out or did you find any problem? We will add live wheel 888 into our automation function supported casino in the near future. However our new manually betting function will work on almost all casinos including live ones.

  3. Does any of the software work in Atlantic Citys online casinos? if so which ones

    • Hi Michael, currently none of our software support your casino. However our software will work on almost all casinos when new version with those new features releases.