Spin4Profit Ultimate

“How You Can Instantly Benefit From This Fully-automated Innovative Flat Betting System Which Minimize Your Risks and Optimize Your Winnings That Everyone Enjoys!”

Optimized winning by this innovative flat betting system software. Now works on any roulette type of ALL online casinos, including live casinos!

Dear future winner,

I assume many of you have already experience the power of my Spin4Profit Deluxe. If not, I strongly suggest you to get the download link for Spin4Profit Deluxe, which implements progressive betting system.

Since Deluxe use progressive betting, you may find to win big amount of money easily. However you could also have some terrible losing bets because it uses progressive betting system.

I know some people dislike flat betting system. Because it usually makes you win very few money or easily make you lose small amount of money, although it has relatively low risk.

I was thinking: Was there a way to use flat betting system to still make the most money possible while avoiding the big loses like most progressive betting system did?

One day when I used Google Calendar and switched view between monthly and weekly view, I found the answer. I found that one particular day is covered by one particular week; that particular week is covered by one particular month; that particular month is covered by one particular year.

It was like a lightening in my mind. I looked at the roulette betting table: any number (except zero, or double zeros) always belongs to many types from high/low, dozen, line, corner, street, split and straight up. For expample, Number 8 is in split (7,8) , is also included in street (7,8,9), in line(4,5,6,7,8,9), in first dozen (1-12), of course is included in 1 to 18. If I place bet on those area, number 8 is always covered.

So I can use flat bet to cover one single number for as long as total 35 spins without increasing bet amount. I implemented that flat betting system into Ultimate right away.

It proves to be very successful in lowering the risks and increasing winning chances enormously. That is exactly how Ultimate works. While in Ultimate it still keeps the best part of how Deluxe does to suggest next possible bets.

What Spin4Profit Ultimate Is

With Ultimate, You’ll Be Able to Easily Win Couple of Dollars Steadily, Without Having to Risk Big Money!

Ultimate is great for roulette beginners and those who may bear low level of risk torlerance, while how smart Ultimate it is to optimize its winning by covering spins as long as possible.

In any step of those 35 spins you win, you will be winning that session even if it’s a long one.

That’s the beauty of Ultimate! That’s how proudly I present Ultimate to you!

It will change the way you thinking of flat betting system, as it did change to mine.

I had played roulette for years. Before I always believed flat betting system was hopeless in making good profit. Until I tried your software. Although I still got some losing bets (if not, I must be lying!), the good thing is Spin4Profit has earned me positive profit steadily. I never worried about those losings any more because I found only 1 out of 9 or 10 times that may lose…

– Anton Adamec, Italy

I canĀ“t but thank you for your honesty. I really appreciate it, it’s a value very uncommon these days. You have been very helpful and honest…

– Jorge Schjolberg, South America

The GOOD thing is…
You don’t have to figure out how the theory works.
As long as it makes you win money at most of the time!

  • Works on ANY roulette type – European, American, French, No-zero…you name it; and supports ALL online casinos and live casinos!
    Full automation function saves you enormous time and glitches while enjoying your play from the beginning to the end!
  • Hybrid betting options which will enhance the winnings to the highest level which other Flat Betting Systems are never able to achieve!
    Smartly control your playing time and wager to leverage your winnings to the maximum.
  • Eight (8) combinations of betting strategies which will allow you to customize the most comfortable betting mode to suit your risk tolerence.
    Full range of betting types available including: black/red, even/odd, high/low, streets, lines, dozens, corners, rows, splits, straight-up.
  • Automatic software updates everytime you start up the software, which will ensure you to get the latest updates all the time.
  • Serial Video Tutorials give you much vivid and clear instructions better than any e-books or manual. So you won’t get lost in any situation.
    Online support desk is available whenever you have any inquiries regarding the software or your account.

What do all of these features mean for YOU?

It means that you’ll be able to “enjoy” playing roulette game from now on. It means you won’t have to risk big amount of money to win some money steadily.

Once you try Ultimate out, you will agree that it changes the way you thinking about flat betting.

See you the other side,

Peter Wright
Creator of Spin4Profit roulette system tools

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