Some Up Coming New Features Review

We are very excited about Spin4Profit new version which will be release very soon, probably within a week. Here I am letting you peek at some of its new features. Let’s review some of them here:


New Design Tool Bars

New icons in clear and modern design which will be easy to understand. Many windows are redesigned for better view and easy finding which include the new log-in window.



“DIY” Button Switch Between By Hand And By Auto

New “DIY” button for switching to manually betting mode. I have received many requests for adding new supported casinos. Some of you might have known that our previous versions could only support downloaded casino games, simply because it is difficult to support on web games under automatically betting. Now manually betting mode is the solution because you are able to play any of online roulette tables, regardless of downloaded or on web games. If the casino was not in our automation support list, just click this “DIY” button, then all things become possible. That new feature is implemented in all of our software. Yes, you can even load your own system in Ninja to use manually betting mode in any casino.



Manually Betting Fits In All

New set of buttons for manually entering numbers. After typing spun number in the text box or selecting number from drop down menu, you can press enter on keyboard or click “Enter” button to confirm. Beside “Enter” button we add an “Undo” button since it is very easy to make mistake by manual entering. Now you don’t have to give up that session if you mistakenly enter a wrong spun number, you just click “Undo” button which will allow you to to back one step.



Table Limit Without Limit

Can not find the matching table limit for the roulette table you are playing? No worry, through new Table Limit Manager you can add different sets of table limit for your favorite casinos by yourself.


Type in the table limit min and max for single number, select up to 7 units for chip sets, you can choose from $0.01 all the way to $1000. We think that it is enough for most players, unless you really want to only bet the highest table limit. You can add multiple table limits for one table. For example one for Fun mode, one for real money mode, etc. And, the settings will be shared with all of our software. So you just need to set it once.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download



New Ways To Find Cool Numbers

New cool number settings for Deluxe and Ultimate. When we designed Ultimate and Deluxe, we didn’t want to use the same way to get cool numbers, we invented a new way and we call it “Smart Follow“. You can look for the detail of this method in Spin4Profit Deluxe descriptions. But now, you can also use some traditional ways to find your cool numbers, including fixed range and random ranges. Now it is totally under your control, you decide how cool your target numbers are and how long you want to target on them. Along with our own “Smart Follow” method, you have more ways to control what numbers or areas you want to target.

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In Deluxe, you will have separate settings for each betting type. That means you can set fixed cool range for single numbers, while setting random range for split, or smart follow dozen. There are unlimited combinations you can set.



New Status List Let You Know When And Why

Now in improved status list, all current betting numbers are highlighted in red colors, and list is sorted by missed hits (cooler numbers on top). So it becomes more transparent and easy to understand which numbers are in your target zone and why our software will be betting on those numbers.


There are more to come. I hope you enjoy those new features in the up coming Spin4Profit new version. Please comment below to share your thought or question with us.

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