Seriously?! Winning Tricks on Two Different Roulette Games

I know one cannot guide another on how to be a champion winning roulette player, after all, it’s a game of pure chance, right? Correct, but there are still one or two little tweaks that will give you an edge and a better chance of success.

It’s worth knowing that roulette – whether played online or in a casino – has two most popular styles: the American roulette game and a European roulette game. The European game has just the one green zero slot, on the American table you’ll find two of these. The green zero slot represents a win for the house (or the bank, casino or hotel owner). Either way, you are not going to win a thing if your ball lands in the green zero slot and the American table, with its TWO slots, has an advantage weighed slightly in the favour of the house.

two roulette wheels

Form and Trends of a Certain Table

Believe it or not, but some tables actually produce trends. If you study certain tables over a long period of time they will tend to produce a pattern of winning numbers. It’s call form and is usually only something you can establish from well-worn casino tables in three-star casinos. However, there are many stories of highly patient roulette watchers studying form and making millions of dollars, all purely attained from diligent observation of a particular table.

Always Walk Away When You’re Up

If you have had a winning streak and you are “in the money” croupiers are duty bound to push your winnings in front of you, smile sweetly and ask you, “Would you like to go again?” Most people need little temptation to see if they can stretch those winnings just a little bit further. But don’t. Walk away with your winnings, bank it and carry on the next day and try to repeat the previous day’s success.

Don’t Be Misled By the Tote Board

The tote board displays the last 18 winning numbers and in some cases you can request information that goes back a lot further than that. Some casinos will give you the information because they have no fear it will help you win.

On the American table, where there are two green slots, the chances of winning a number are 1 in 38, and they will always be that unless the table is rigged or damaged. The previous winning numbers are pointless; but it does encourage punters to play more as they psychologically back the recent winning numbers, and the casinos are happy to display the information as the establishment knows it is little more than chance.

Now we got the right tools to watch over any certain table to help you find any pattern of winning numbers for you. Download and use it for free to play your favorite online or live roulette game today!


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