Roulette Simulator & Roulette Betting Tool

The idea of roulette simulator is to simulate online roulette game to test roulette betting strategies and systems.

Since different roulette wheels, both virtual ones online and real ones offline, have different probabilities, it is hard to have a perfect roulette strategy system to win every roulette game.

That’s why a most ideal roulette simulator will allow you to test any roulette system strategy on any roulette game you choose.

Like in Spin4Profit Ninja, you could create your unique roulette system and load it to test any online roulette game. In its marketplace, you can even download other people’s systems.

Spin4Profit is named as #1 roulette betting tool, which has four products. Ninja is one of them.

roulette simulatorNinja is an ultimate roulette simulator because it gives you freedom to load any roulette system to play any online casino roulette game, virtual or live. The other three Spin4Profit products are roulette simulators for certain roulette strategy systems preloaded.

In all Spin4Profit simulators, some casino roulette games playing have even been automated. That will make your testing or play much quicker and fun.

For example, Ninja will strictly follow your loaded strategy to automate your betting to play those roulette games for fun or using real money at your choice.

Some people prefer manual betting, slow and safe. You can use any of Spin4Profit roulette simulator to play ANY roulette game available on the market.

When some roulette game becomes very popular, it would become our next automated game.

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