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Let’s face it. Spin4Profit is not the only roulette betting software / tool available on the market. However we are pretty sure that it’s by far the best on the market. Because we are so popular, many first time members asked some questions similarly to the ones we listed below. We like to be transparent and honest. So we pulled out those frequently asked questions for you to better know Spin4Profit products and services.

1) Why money is required to use your software?

Answer: The money we charge is for maintaining and developing our software. Our up-coming new versions come with manually betting function which will be free to use for any casino any roulette table. You will also have the chance to use our fee-based advance features i.e. automatic betting for free for limited casinos we listed in the software in upcoming versions.

2) If you already offer such system for which should it be good then?

Answer: We have preset some roulette systems in Deluxe or Ultimate or Diamond. Each of them have multiple settings that you can customize into different systems. And we highly recommend you do that. Because any system has cons and pros. Let’s face it, there is no such system ever exists that can totally beat casino because of casino house edge/advantage. To avoid its cons is impossible if you play too long on one table, that’s why I suggest you to change settings and/or switch tables. But even that won’t guarantee a profit in every play.

3) Why in your videos it is always winning, but I always losing?

Answer: That’s the video clip we choose to demonstrate how that system setting worked to win that casino at some point. Because we were not trying to prove an absolute-winning system, or to analyse winning rate of that system. Like our answers to above questions, there’s no such ever-winning system exists. All we are capable of helping you achieve is to develop many customizable settings in our software to increase your winning chance. The videos we produced are education purpose on how to use our software.

We appreciate your support and try our software. I hope we could create some roulette system that can beat roulette but it is impossible. So our mission is to create good and reliable tools that help roulette players to be more organized and efficient. With our software and website, you are also be able to check other members’ ideas and systems.

There are tons of other roulette betting software or tool that claim to beat casinos. But we do not and never will want to compete them by systems because like we believe there is no such ever-winning system exists. We aim for the quality, usefulness and service. We can not change the nature of gambling, but we can make it easier and more convenient. And maybe help you win better along the way. That being said, we are continue working to improve our software, add new features, and add more user guide.

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  1. Each software needs to have recommended minimum bankroll requirements for different settings.

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