New Versions Give You Real Free Stuff

Every one loves free stuff, including us. In older versions, we had unlimited free trial built in our software. However free trial is not “real” free. But don’t get me wrong, free trial is a good thing because people can test it before purchase it. Good news is, in our latest versions, you can use all of our software for free. YES, FREE! Not a free trial or free demo. It is a real free Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 2017 trailer

Every software comes with manual betting function which is totally free to use for any casino. If you like our automatic function (which I know you will once you use it), you could play those several casino games that we pre-activated in automation, still for free. No need to pay anything to use our automation for those casinos. Besides, I also have great news for those Ninja users who also create their own systems: it is now totally free to activate your own systems in Ninja, including auto test for free. 

I know what you might think that nothing is absolutely free. You are right because in many cases free equals lack of quality no support. We really don’t like to attach those tags on Spin4Profit software. It’s a bit of challenge. And here’s how we manage it to keep it free for you while we could still maintain its high quality and good reputation.

After you start up our new version of any software (Ultimate, Deluxe, Ninja or Diamond), you will notice that we put banner ads in the software. But it won’t interfere with or distract your play. If you don’t mind seeing them, free version is good enough. For savvy players especially those who like to use our very powerful professional functions besides automation, you could pay as little as $2 a day to use our pro versions with all advance functions. Or even better! Take advantage of our limited time offer to upgrade to Pro for ever!

I hope you enjoy those free stuff and new stuff in our software new version. Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.

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