How Casinos React To Roulette Betting Software

Roulette is a game of complete chance, right? Well, some will agree but that’s not the entire be all and end all of it. You see, a roulette wheel is spun and the ball will land in the slot you hope. But is it all about chance or are there other factors that can influence the final resting position of the ball?

What about the time when the dealer releases the ball? The speed at which the ball has been thrown, the speed of the wheel spin or even the humidity of the air in the casino, these are all factors which have been taken into consideration when trying to decide where the ball will land.

Technology is now being used to determine the most likely landing position of the ball. It tells you which numbers you should place your bets on – and before you ask, yes, there are roulette betting software which are designed to work out the best numbers to place your bets on, but if they work – as they claim to do so – what about the casino owners and the laws within that establishment?

roulette betting software

Surely the casino establishments must hate these roulette automatic betting software? And you can bet they are! Using the technology of roulette betting apps is not against the law, per say. But you will find there are not that many establishments in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or anywhere else in the world that would welcome them on its premises.

A casino wants you to play the game of roulette, as well as other gaming machines and croupier activities – and, moreover, it wants you to lose. A hotel and casino brand bends over backwards to offer the best meals in its restaurants, the most luxurious rooms and the grandest of all entrances in its lobbies, just to entice you onto the table and play roulette in their hall and spend a lot of money.

A casino has a plan to combat big winners and any gambler coming up with a strategy will be banned from the establishment or encouraged to leave. There is nothing sinister or untoward about banning a professional gambler, often it just involves a dealer shouting out “no more bets” at the table earlier than usual. The casino may watch and wait for the professional gambler to leave and at a later stage will resume the games as normal.

That said, in order to enjoy the fun and freedom while practicing your best roulette betting strategies, you’d better stick with online roulette games.

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