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Dear future winner,

I am a programmer and once worked for a IT company. Back in 2008, when the economy went down, I, just like many other people, started to look for new opportunity and new ways to make money.

One day, I found a website which showed a way to make money by playing online casino. Now I know that is one kind of “Martingale system” which only bets on red and black, and then continue betting on that color but doubling the bets from last time (if it was a losing bet) until win.

I never played casino and knew little about Roulette wheel before. I was new to this game at that time so I thought the system was perfect.

According to the law of randomize, red and black will be hit by almost equal times. I did win $100 by using that system when I first played online casino.

I was very excited and thought I found a perfect way to make money and ready to do it every day.

But at the second time when I used that same system at that same casino, I lost all the money on only one long-run red. The red continued to appear for 13 times. If you double 13 times from $1, the amount will be $4096 for a single bet. Sum up all bets to be placed, total lost will be $8191; if you win you will win only $1 at the end.

That just doesn’t make any sense. Becaues I was to risk thousands for just 1 dollar. If you have millions of dollars and casino does not set table limit, Martingale system would be a good system to win you 1 dollar on every session and make you eventually a millionaire.

But in real world, that would never happen. Casinos will definitely set the rules and table limit to favor themselves. Not to mention, there is a house edge, which you will never be able to beat, which will always favor casinos.

I tried so many systems before, the Martingale system never worked for a long term and I have lost so much money before I found your software. Yours is using flat bet and it’s really working. I’ve won $210 in the first day. Thank you, Peter.

– Walter Treffry, ON, Canada

I started to learn how the game works and what was inside bets and outside bets and tried enormous different roulette systems. Although some system claimed that it would beat the house edge or let you win on every spin, that may only work for very short terms, and lose a large amount of money when there is a long run.

What Spin4Profit Deluxe Is

I understand why Albert Einstein stated “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.” Yes, we will never beat the house edge or win every spin, but I had a feeling that we could use some calculation and technique to increase our chances to win.

I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that we will never beat the house edge. Because of that and “winning odds” are constantly changing, none of the roulette systems ever works especially in a long run.

There are too much “Luck” and “uncertainty” involved in the roulette games so that many players never win it constantly needless to say for a long time.


Many people thought that the odds for each spin to get red or black is always 50:50. But it’s not true. For example, if you flip a coin for just once, the odds for getting the front side is 50 to 50.

According to Probability Theory, when you look at a series of flips, the odds for a back side after getting the front side of continuous 10 times, is NOT 50% anymore. Otherwise, it would be absolutely possible to get the front side of a coin for continuous 500 times. But it never happens and will never happen.

I am not here to discuss the probability theory or Continuous Probability Distributions, so I will not explain it here. If you want to know more about that theory, you might want to check it on Wikipedia.

And you may be interested in seeing a movie called “21”, in which explained the Monty Hall problem – a story about 2 goats and a car behind 3 doors. It will give you some ideas of odds is changing after the continuous probability.

If you record each and every spin and monitor the certain range for not being hit for each betting type (there are 10 betting types totally), you can tell the next winning bets when there are some numbers not being hit within these range.

Since the whole analyzing process is very complicated and could never be done by human brains, we need computer to do the job for us.

In any roulette game of no matter what casino it is, if that casino is honestly running their game software, it might hit red for continuous 13 or even 15 times. But you will never see it to hit the red for continuous 500 times.

There must be a range for red or black to be hit at least once. Same theory applies to high/low, odd/even, as well as split and straight up bets. After testing the real spins for hundreds and thousands of times, I found that range for each type. Below is an example of only one test result.


In “Red|Black” chart, 18 at 3076 means within 3076 spins red or black not appeared for continuous 18 spins. But it does not mean red or black will definitly appear within any 12 continuous spins if total spins are less than 3076.

Take a look at another example at “Even|Odd” chart: within around 19 spins, even or odd might not appeare after 11 continuous spins. So by that time, if you start to bet on even/odd once you miss that for 4 continuous spins, then you will definitely pay for that mistake.

chart_highlow chart_dozen

chart_row chart_line

chart_corner chart_street

chart_split chart_single

You can see in any of these charts, not being-hit area is always going up, it is not wise to lock your high and low value. A Better way is to analyze every spin and automatically set the high and low value for you, and change that value to matching the ever-changing odds.

I had tried many roulette systems and roulette software since 2007. Recently I downloaded Spin4Profit roulette software. And I have been using it for 2 months. Spin4Profit has updated its versions from 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0. I found the software is more and more effective in catching the winning odds and win me couple of hundreds of dollars per day! You guys did a great job! Keep up!

– Adeben Madsen, Australia

There are many other roulette betting software on the market. Almost all of them using this theory to analyzes history datas to figure out possible winning bets.

But most of them usually let customer choose the low and high value of the must-hit range. But you need to know, this theory only worked if you have accurate low and high value for the odds when you play and if the wagering system cover that area.

If the range is set too low, you will miss many winning bets. If the range is set too high, you will hardly get any winning bet suggestion. All of those software fail to suggest more Accurate winning bets.

Because they neither collect enough data nor enable a program to automatically adjust itself to be able to figure out the ever changing winning odds. The winning odds is always changing and it always is with every casino. That’s why it is a great challenge to figure it out- Scientifically, not by cheating.

So the question is…
What tool in the world do we have to pin point the ever changing
winning odds so that your winning chances are Greatly increased?

None. Until Spin4Profit Deluxe comes into play!

Deluxe will not only count all spin number and find out the hitting range for different types, but also adjust the low and high value to match the current odds automatically.

Watch Deluxe Easily Win $20 in 1 Minute
Using Smart Mode With Very Small Bankroll.

After long time testing and analysis, Deluxe did increase my winning chance by at least 300%. But there was one situation: with the high value of range increasing, it got harder and harder to target next winning bets.

However there is one advantage of that analyzing method. According to all previous testing results, I found that there is a certain range much lower than highest range where even though I had got many losing bets continuously, I still can make profit.

I use one unique formula to find out that range and to adjust every bet, so that my software will always suggest those bets within that profitable range. That is exactly how “Smart Mode” works in Deluxe.
How does Deluxe theory work for You?

Not like what other software did to analyze the past dozens of spin results and suggesting those rarely hit numbers to be the next bets, Deluxe is totally different.

It not only looks at the past 20, 40, or more spin results, but analyzes the “patterns”: Whether some of the numbers were constantly hit while others were rarely hit.

Then Deluxe will calculate when to limit possible winning bets and when to suggest more; what range of numbers are to be hit next at a much higher possiblity while other numbers have a lower possiblities.

And it can automatically adjust itself according to the ever-changing casino odds. That is the principle of Deluxe theory.

The GOOD thing is…
You don’t have to figure out how the theory works.
As long as it makes you win money at most of the time!

Works on ANY roulette type – European, American, French, No-zero…you name it; and supports ALL online casinos and live casinos!
Full automation function saves you enormous time and headache while enjoying your play from the beginning to the end!
Risk-Controlled and winning optimzed progressive betting which you never experienced with any other system or software.
Smartly control your playing time and wager settings to leverage your winnings to the maximum.
“Smart Mode” is perfect for low risk players; “Deluxe Mode” is for players who prefer the maximum winnings. While both betting modes are risk controlled and winning optimized.
Full range of betting types available including: black/red, even/add, high/low, streets, lines, corners, rows, splits, straight-up.
Automatic software updates everytime you start up the software, which will ensure you to get the latest updates all the time.
Serial Video Tutorials give you much vivid and clear instructions better than any e-books or manual. So you won’t get lost in any situation.
Online support desk is available whenever you have any questions regarding the software or your account.

What do all of these features mean for YOU?

Simple, it means that you’ll be able to “enjoy” playing any roulette game from now on.

See you the other side,

Peter Wright

creator of Spin4Profit roulette betting tools

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