Biggest Roulette Winnings In History

Roulette game is one of the favorite casino games, no matter whether its online, offline or live roulette game. While you think roulette winnings are usually not big comparing to other casino games like slot machines, there were some big winnings happened to this roulette game in the history. Those incredible winnings are to be remembered. Let’s take a look at three of the world’s biggest ever roulette wins in the history so far.

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell roulette win

Back in 2004, Ashley Revell’s life would change forever when he took his life savings to Las Vegas. Revell wagered all of his funds on a single spin of the wheel. And ‘all’ really is the correct word. He sold his house, car, expensive items and more before placing everything on red. As anyone who has had played online roulette games for UK players will know, that is quite a gamble. In total, his stake came to $135,000. Sky One had heard about his insane idea and decided to broadcast Revell’s moment to the world. Sky’s cameras caught the time that Revell walked out of the casino $135,000 richer, and Revell, who had staked 32 years of savings on one spin, earned his place in Sin City history.

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley roulette winnings

Mike Ashley is the chairman of Newcastle United Football Club and won in excess of £800,000 back in 2008. After visiting a private casino in Mayfair, he threw down a complete roulette bet worth nearly half a million pounds. In one spin, he wagered £480,000 on every possible inside wager that includes the number 17. By the end of the spin, he was £800,000 richer as his selections returned an incredible £1,300,000. Ashley landed this huge profit as the ball landed in exactly the right place for him to make the ‘perfect’ bet. To this day, he still owns Newcastle United and has ventured into other business sectors as well. Simple forms of roulette tend to produce exceptional wins on rare occasions, and many have won reasonable sums of money at online casinos.

Sir Philip Green

Sir philip green roulette wins

While he is widely regarded as one of the most erratic gamblers of all time, Sir Philip Green has certainly had his fair share of huge wins on the roulette table. Green owns fashion outlet Arcadia, which is the parent company to the likes of Topshop, BHS and Burton, and has plenty of money to spend on his second passion, roulette. In 2005, he won upwards of £2,000,000 at Les Ambassadeurs in Mayfair and won at least £1,000,000 more in various gambling events throughout the festive period.

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